Sunday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter October 17, 2021



Friday I spoke on the phone with Joe Taylor who has started selling his unique OA collection that featured firsts like twill, solid, neckerchief etc from every lodge. His lasting comment to me was if he could go back in a time machine to 1981 he would tell himself don’t do it. LOL But he is transitioning his collection to WABs and other interests so he is still in the game.


Friday I was also able to record a video with Bill Mulrenin for the series called SHF Insiders Round Table. Bill came up with the idea to interview me about tips for selling on eBay. Next I’ll need to edit the video down but I hope to publish it early this coming week.


One goal I’ve been working on lately is to tighten up a content strategy that I can stick to. The unboxing videos that I enjoy doing are one piece of that idea. But I also have a couple of other videos (and podcast) that I can lean back into. I’ve come up with a calendar where I can chart these pieces out a month at a time at least to set goals.


I have 226 auctions live on eBay right now with about 50 of those ending tonight. Among them are some rare camp patches, a scarce chapter neckerchief and more. I did indeed break through the 50k item mark on my Patchblanket eBay store this week.


Yesterday in Columbia I got to see a QB come of the bench with seconds left on the clock and erase 2 1/2 quarters of frustration. This is why college football is so fun and excruciating. If there is ever a Disney movie about Zeb Noland I can say I was there to see it. #gamecocks Thanks to my friend Collin for scoring me and my son Patrick tickets to the game.




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