Tuesday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter October 19, 2021



This week I published a video interview with Bill Mulrenin focused on the idea of how can you grow your hobby business. It was actually Bill’s idea to turn the tables and interview me about tips for how people can get into selling online and what are the pitfalls.


In 2022 the game changes as selling even one item on a platform for more than $600 will trigger a 1099 form to the IRS. Yes somehow Congress decided this was part of one of the recent “recovery” packages they passed. Keeping politics out of the discussion this means that if you have been a “hobby seller” all these years the rules just changed!


This Scouting Hot Finds Insiders Round Table video is part of my Patreon group of which Bill is a subscriber. One of the other neat perks in October is that every Tuesday I’ve released an exclusive unboxing video that only members get to see. You can subscribe for as little as $2 per month to get some neat content as a member.


I have 248 live auctions on eBay including a nice run of Georgia OA with items ending every day of the week. Last week I pushed past 50k unique items in my store and my strategy is to add another 25 new auctions every day to keep the momentum going. Having a listing habit is one of the topics that I cover in the Round Table with Bill.


Today I have the warehouse mostly to myself and so I’m going to really tackle unboxing more collections and getting some new stuff ready to list. It’s a lot of fun to do these quick videos so even though some of these collections are small I am going to make a short video with the reveal.




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