Sunday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter November 07, 2021


Friday while working in my antique mall booth I bumped into an older guy that runs a unique business. He does house clean outs which lends itself to accumulating lots of stuff. He offered to let me get a bunch of magazines from him but also let slip that he had a couple truck loads of albums. I know vinyl has had a big comeback (there is a bunch of it in the antique mall) so I am going to follow up with him on the lead.


I am pretty maxed out right now with selling the Boy Scout stuff but it’s hard to pass up a golden opportunity. I watch some eBay sellers on YouTube that do huge deals but also have big warehouses (like 10k+ sq ft) and lots of employees. I have always run this as a hobby business but I know the platform so well I could also see stepping out of my comfort zone and getting into some other collectible categories.


This fall I’ve built up the eBay store to 51k items and hope to hit 55k by the end of 2021. When you have that many listings up it kinda becomes a law of averages. On any given day the store is going to sell a good number of items that keeps my employees busy and things moving. I really don’t have capacity in space or manpower to add another venture but that’s also what good entrepreneurs do so I’ll see where this leads me.


On eBay today I have 210 live auctions including some really key pieces ending tonight including a 565 Achsin S1 and more. Take a look and check out this “TK” series I’m selling because I’m nearly at the end of a 1500+ OA collection that I’ve been selling through the year.


Over on Facebook I tried something new Friday. I offered up two “instant collections” using a live video. One was a giant notebook that had Jamboree stuff from 1950-1997. That one sold very quickly. The other was a similar NOAC notebook that had stuff from 1973-2004. These were notebooks that I didn’t really want to piece out so if you are curious go to my Facebook profile or the Scout Patch Collectors group to watch. The NOAC is still available right this minute.






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