Tuesday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter November 09, 2021


Later today I’ve got a couple of videos that I’m going to post. One is a Top 10 video featuring items that sold in August. This is a type of eBay roundup video that I’ve done a few times recently that I’m trying to make a regular piece of content. The second is I’m posting an exclusive unboxing video for my Patreon members.


Later this week I have a meeting with a guy that is retiring to South Carolina who is passing through Charlotte. He is looking to sell his Scouting memorabilia and I’m always buying. There is a slim chance that I would have met him when I was younger but I think our time in Scouting was just a couple of years off. Hopefully in the Friday edition I can share how that goes.


Today my big project has been listing over 250 neckerchiefs. I have about 5-6 boxes of neckerchiefs to get through and it won’t all happen this week. But listing 50+ year old event and camp neckerchiefs adds some interesting stuff to the eBay store.


I have 216 live auctions up on eBay including some more Georgia OA and event patches from all over. I’m working to get auctions scheduled out through the end of the month but it’s like working on a treadmill.


Just to follow up on my weekend idea about selling vinyl albums. I have only briefly talked to the guy on the phone so my lead on that project is a little tenuous right now. I think he is a little busy and certainly I’ve got a lot going on. I am trying to see if either of my children want to get a cut on the action in exchange for helping but they are not taking the bait until they see the merchandise. Sheesh!




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