Sunday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter November 03, 2019

Yesterday I picked up over 1,000 neckerchiefs that are scanned and ready to list. Turns out one of my old employees lives and works in Charlotte now.  So sometimes she will take a batch of stuff off my hands and process it for listing.  This stash includes about every neckerchief I had in my warehouse from OA to camps and even troop neckerchiefs.  These auctions will start next week!

It’s always fun to post items I collect in the Hot Finds.  These Dixie Fellowship patches from the 1950s were really good pieces when I was building my collection in the late 1980s and early 1990s. I’ve had them in dupe before but the kid in me always remembers them as being tough.

Have you ever had the breakthrough moment when you figured out something technical that had been bedeviling you for years?  Friday I finally figured out how to move over 3,000 listings from my Shopify store over to eBay so they are listed in both places.  Sure I’ll have to pay the fees but that represents a nice chunk of new inventory.

Meanwhile on my eBay accounts I have started fresh auctions on a collection of trail patches. On Patchsniper I have launched about 200 auctions with lower minimum bids on items that have been in my store for more than 18 months with no sales. On OApatch I have 168 lodge flap auctions that are first time runs. Finally on Santeeswapper I have 150+ auctions that continue the GA OA run and the last bits of the consignment collection that I have been selling.

Today my Scouting calendar includes a troop committee meeting and getting my daughter to the PLC.  My daughter has about 4 different activities after church including a soccer game and her first basketball practice.  Looks like I’ll be driving all over creation as usual.




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