Friday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter January 24, 2020

I’ve been in the same location for 2 years now. It has served me well and it only took me a year to properly move in. 🙂 Last year I got everything kinda containerized and sorted so at least now I know where things are. The new location will give me some space to grow and especially a room to organize my personal collection and build displays.

Right now all of my personal collection is in Rubbermaid tubs. It’s safe but since moving in I haven’t had the elbow room to really sort and update anything which has me in a little bit of a funk as collecting goes. For example I probably haven’t updated my OA flap collection in about 5 years so it’s way past overdue. So perhaps in 2020 I can get back to doing some proper history displays starting with summer camp.

My son is excited because I told him one of the really small offices in the warehouse will become a hang out room with a couch and tv perfect for chillaxing. That way if kiddos have to come to work on days when there is a teacher work day (like today!) there is a good spot to cool your jets.

I continue to launch auctions almost every day on OApatch to get it over the 4,000 item count. Right now I’ve got 80 live auctions that you can check out on OA flaps.

I have completely updated the TOR calendar (finally!) to include 13 shows stretching through the fall of 2020. Please keep sending me the TOR fliers via email so I can update the calendar more often.



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