Friday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter January 4, 2019

1st TOR of 2019 in Myrtle Beach, SC Saturday

Later today I’m driving about 3.5 hours to the Santee Lodge 116 TOR in Myrtle Beach, SC. Along the way I’ll drive through two towns where I worked for a total of 5 years when I was teaching in some of the most rural school districts in the state. I think I know where all the speed traps are but best not to jinx myself!

I got some amazing news yesterday that is getting me even more excited for summer camp. Our fishing director told me that yesterday he helped retrieve a 26′ sailing boat that was donated to the camp. It can sleep 6, has a kitchen, toilet and thankfully is on a trailer so we can easily move and store it. I told my program director he should be like Don Johnson and sleep on the boat this summer. 🙂

The other piece of good news is also for our Barstow fleet. The properties chairman has made a deal to purchase a new to us pontoon boat that is sweet. It can ride two dozen people, has benches and a motor powerful enough that we can pull tubes behind it. We are going to have some serious fun on Lake Murray with these new additions.

This morning I am sorting the thrift store collection that I picked up right before Christmas. I’ll be taking all that and more down to the TOR today. The other consignment collection I picked up will need some more time and consideration so that will debut in Easley, SC at Chris Jensen’s TOR in two weeks.

I have started back up my auction strategy launching a dozen or more auctions every night. I’ve got another 100 items left to go from the Georgia OA collection just for Mowogo Lodge 243 and then I’m on to another lodge. I hope folks still have some money to spend after the holidays!

I have updated the TOR calendar below with a link for the 40th Annual Northeast TOR held in New Jersey among others. You can find all these links on my website as well.





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