Scouting Hot Finds Radio #85: Scouting History Data Crunching With Mike Clinch

Mike Clinch is a great example of a Scouter and collector who is willing to invest hundreds of hours of his own time into building something for others. A few years ago he published an amazing two volume set of books detailing in color the merger history of all Boy Scout councils and OA lodges. Teaming up with the likes of Bill Topkis, Jeff Morley, Bob Sherman and others he is now helping to expand that work to include camps. By allowing us to visually understand the sometimes complicated merger history of BSA councils his work is like somebody sharing the answers to the homework problem. Only with his skill as a geographer the maps and charts he makes are so much better than anything I’ve even. Add to the mix OA section mergers and his project keeps growing. Best of all he is not profiting from any of this but rather proceeds of the printed books are donated back to Scouting. As you can tell I’m a huge fan and glad to have him on the show and let him share and get a little well deserved recognition for his hard work and unselfish service to the hobby.

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Here is an example of his work showing the old Region 6




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