Scouting Hot Finds Radio #90 Spirit of Jamboree with Doug Schwab

2019 World Scout Jamboree Spirit of Jamboree Museum

At the 2019 World Scout Jamboree held in the United States Doug Schwab helped to staff the Spirit of Jamboree Museum. In this interview we talk about his experience and the book he published that documented the once in a lifetime display of Scouting memorabilia from the World Scout Jamboree. The book is a beautiful full color hard back with professional quality pictures of all the displays including the text which tells the story. During the interview Doug shares how the museum project came about with Russell Smart and Rick Bragga leading the charge. During the the interview he thanks many more members of the staff such as Sam Fairchild, Dave Miura, Bob Hannah and more (complete list on the Author’s Note page of the book). The effort to assemble this museum onsite was monumental and completely lead by a team of dedicated volunteer Scouters and collectors including several from other countries making it a truly international effort. If you would like to reach out to Doug he shares in the podcast that you can do so at


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