Sunday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter January 14, 2024


We checked out from the local library a book titled “In Case You Get Hit By A Bus” and today I am going to start documenting the list. No cause for concern! But when changing jobs recently my wife brought up she didn’t understand the complicated (ok maybe she was right) system of bank accounts I’d set up for us and my business. It was clear that if I was “hit by a bus” she would struggle to understand it all. The part of this I dread is including the patch collection.


I’ve gotten 1/4 of the way through the book and it’s clear I don’t have any of this set up. I won’t go into the details as you can begin to imagine all the information in your life that is in your head that your loved one would need to know about. But part of this for us is going to be what to do about the patch collection. I’ve got boxes of embroidered “gold” in my collection but I have also never wanted to talk about them as “investments”. So I gotta make a plan for all that even though I hope to be around for a while.


So what’s your plan? Ok that’s not a real question don’t respond back! I generally think telling our spouses our collection is worth XYZ might cause some family drama. But maybe there is a way to leave some instructions to a trusted friend who will help dispose of the collection. Maybe there is a local Scout museum that accepts donations? I would be wary of just handing it over to a troop or generally to a council as the decision making power in those settings is unpredictable.


Now that I have implemented my 2024 strategy you will find exactly 100 auctions ending tonight on good stuff including OA neckerchiefs, camp patches, RWS and more. Part of my goal is to keep Sunday as the blockbuster night every week with a wide variety of stuff to offer.











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