Sunday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter January 21, 2024


For the last few months I’ve been part of a large reselling community that has zoom meetings 1/week in different niches. Sadly as a Boy Scout memorabilia dealer none of them pertain to me. In this large group 75% of them sell clothes and among the rest only a small number sell collectibles. I’ve mined the calls for eBay tactics but most of the conversation just doesn’t concern me.


So today I thought – well maybe there should be a Boy Scout memorabilia sellers zoom. Not one that focuses on the history stuff (check out the Digital Crackerbarrel) but just talking shop about reselling. Whether that be TORs, eBay, Shopify or different ideas on Facebook. During the pandemic a handful of us did just that for several months and I really enjoyed the camaraderie of talking to some fellow sellers. So maybe it’s time to do something like that again and open it up a little?


I don’t know that I’m ready to quit the other group I have joined (it’s a paid group) but I don’t know how much longer I can watch them talking about clothing brands when I literally wore the same pair of khakis for 5 days straight last week. I am passionate about this hobby but I really can’t be bothered to show interest in others. I don’t know what the format would be but if you are dabbling as a reseller let me know if this would interest you.


I have 228 live auctions on eBay including ranks, camps, events and RWS. This week we got about 1/2 done with processing a big collection I purchased this month. If I can get it going some of those will start appearing for sale soon. We have also been processing about 3000-4000 OA pieces that I’ve sourced over the last year. All that is coming online in the coming weeks.










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