Sunday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter January 22, 2017

The lead off block in the newsletter is always stocked with the pick of the litter. You can find old felts, rare award medals and more here all ending soon.

I know that some of my frenemies in the hobby go crazy when I list pre-fdl flaps in a $5 album. My math shows that if I can skip all the fees and time to list on eBay I can do just fine putting these patches in a $5 album and rolling the dice. So when I get a new collection in I glean the OA patches to see ones that I think are in that range and add them to this album. The ones I added this morning (over 130 new!) came from collections I picked up since October.

I recently took part in a blind trade organized by Scott Wheeler focused on OA activity patches. Lucky for me I had an album just waiting for them. Like many of these Facebook albums I built in a discount if you are willing to go big and pick several. With free shipping getting these for $3.50 is a pretty good deal. It might be time for me to organize another blind trade myself since it’s been almost a year since I pulled one off.

I caused a little stir this week when I posted a previously 1 known OA flap on eBay. Turns out the Scarouady F1 that I have is YF1 once I got set straight by some collectors. The flap has a dark brown owl and plastic back. It is not the ZF1 but rather a rejected issue (thanks for the documentation Scott!). I have no idea what the interest will be in this auction but I’ll let the market decide who wants it.





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