Sunday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter January 28, 2024


I want to give everyone some examples of why going to a Trade-O-Ree is a good idea. There is no better place to pick up discounted (some might say cheap!) items for your collection. This weekend there was a family there that was selling stuff from a Scouters estate. On Saturday they said “he we are not taking all this home” and went around the room telling everyone that the items on their table were now $1 each. Feeding frenzy begins!


Another guy (I never got his story) walks in with some bags of patches. I walked past on my way to the restroom and see three people leaning over as he sorts out some old Dixie Fellowship patches. Then the next time I walk by a different group is watching him sort out early 1950s explorer patches in quantity. Who is this guy!? But if you weren’t there you didn’t get the deal. I was there and still didn’t have my radar turned on.


And this is why next weekends the Crossroads of America TOR is the best in the country. It’s not a high end display case kinda show. Sure there will be killer stuff there. But the majority of the tables are people trying to get stuff moving. You can negotiate bags of patches, pins, just about anything for bargains. It’s like everyone is cleaning out their closet and there is a little bit of a flea market mentality in the room. Plus with 200+ tables you have so much to look at.


Tonight on eBay I have 100 auctions ending on RWS, camp patches, OA and more. My eBay store has 80,000+ live for sale so please follow my Santeeswapper account so you can get alerted when I run sales and have coupons to share.











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