Tuesday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter January 22, 2019

The new episode is an interview with John Athayde who is a computer software developer and Virginia OA collector. He had the idea for the project several years ago but it was actually an episode of the podcast I published in February of 2012 that almost made him abandon the project before he started.

In that episode of the podcast back in 2012 I recorded a talk that Roy More gave in which he announced an effort to redo the Blue Book listings with help from ISCA. However, after about three years of no movement on that project John launched Patchvault and it has grown steadily from there.

In the interview we really get down into the details of how the project started and what technological barriers twenty years ago have all been overcome. Yes we even tackle the elephant in the room which is the still struggling effort by ISCA to create an OA catalog.

The pivot now is getting some new items up on eBay and prepping for the Indy TOR. I’ll be leaving for that show in about 10 days so it’s a short turnaround. Then after that I doubt I will have another show until the Charlotte TOR. I have too many true Scouting events on the calendar to attend some of the other good shows like I did last year with Norfolk, VA.

Last night I took the kids to see a special screening of the Peter Jackson documentary They Shall Not Grow Old. I loved it of course but my wife scolded me later that it might have been a little too real for our youngest. Still it sparked some very good conversations in the car and over dinner out. If you have not seen it keep an eye out as it only has showings on select dates.



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