Tuesday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter January 31, 2017

Can you relate to this? Our family has 5 Scouting obligations in a span of 4 days. Friday is the BBQ then Saturday morning we have to go back out to pick up Scouting For Food donations. Later that morning it’s a trip to the parking lot of Carowinds to pick up Girl Scout cookies for the troop (by the case – hundreds!). Sunday morning is Scout Sunday at Sardis Presbyterian and Monday is the Blue & Gold Banquet. 1 hour a week folks!

Today the cleaning ladies are coming. Like all things in Charlotte they are very different from our little small town. Back in Lumberton our cleaning lady was a grandmother who was a Lumbee Indian. In Charlotte it’s a pretty 20-something year old girl who is dressed like she is going to a yoga studio. (my wife picked her – not me!) But while she and her crew are working I’m going to make multiple trips to the storage unit to continue to move Scout stuff out of the garage and free up room.

Yesterday I shipped out 90+ orders between eBay and Facebook. I wasn’t even that backed up but just had a flurry of sales that needed to get on their way to new homes. I’m got hundreds of camp and mostly New York area neckerchiefs that are going on eBay this week and I’m hoping for a good sell-through rate on those.

The auctions continue with 100+ first time listings ending this week. I’ve started back listening to podcasts while I work because I can’t take the post Trump election coverage on my local NPR station. The old social studies teacher in me enjoys keeping up with the news but after the 10th story on immigration I think I’ve had my fill. The good news is there are a lot of entertaining podcasts and I can just set them up to play one after another in the background.





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