What is the grand total for the Boy Scouts Category?

eBay Boy Scout Category January 2006

Here are some interesting statistics for the Boy Scout category of eBay from that last three months.


Would you believe that the sold items have amounted to $1,425,071.


If you take a look at the individual categories there are a couple of surprises. First off the category that had the most items listed was the grab bag of “Other Badges; Patches” which had over 46,000+ items listed(including auction and store items). Of that the auctions sale rate was 45% for a total of $244,342.


Although the OA items didn’t have as many items listed the value of its contents trumps all. The category had a total of 33,469 items listed in auction and store listings. Of the auctions that sales rate was 52.9% for a total of $339,686.


The other category of note was Council Shoulder Patches. It has 18,389 items listed with a sales rate on the auctions of 54.9%. The total sales in this category was $97,340. This is interesting because it suggests that there is alot of bidders here with the highest percentage of sold auctions.


What I would like to know is what were these figures like 2-3 years ago. What about five years ago? I have talked to people who said that in the early days you could sell a 64 Jamboree patch on eBay for more than $50. But eventually the law of supply and demand caught up with the market. As more and more sellers came on eBay and the supply pumped up the bidding and prices realized started to go flat.


Does anyone have any big theories on this?





My point is that 5 years ago there were not as many different groups under Boy Scouts as there are today. In fact when I first started using ebay many days there was only one page of new posts for all of Boy Scouts. The Boy Scout group has been subdivided twice as I remember due to the volume of listings. Many sellers have not divided there listings into the new subgroups but continued to list them all in “Other Badges: Patches”. If you would take an inventory of the “Other Badges; Patches” group on some days you will find as many new postings for “OA” as in the “OA” group. This is also true for “CSP”, “Insignia” and Foreign patches. In fact ebay itself places all foreign listings including “Girl Scout” in “Other Badges; Patches”. You need to breakdown the “Other Badges; Patches” group to get an accurate listing by type. I daily look at all the listings in “Other Badges; Patches” to find most of my RANK patch listings.

By BigJim on January 26th, 2006 at 2:23 am

Here are some interesting statistics for the first two months of 2006.

  • 95,552 items sold (69,451 auctions, 26101 store listings)
  • Total value of items sold in the Boy Scouts category was over $1,250,000
  • The completetion rate for auction listings was right at 50%
  • Every week there was a steady rate of completed sales running between 8k-10k.
  • The average sales price for items kept steady each week between $15-$18.

If you compare store to auction sales here a a couple of calculations that stand out.

  • Stores sales only accounted for 27.3% of all category sales
  • In terms of value store sales accounted for only 7% of the total dollar amount sold in the category.
By jason on March 3rd, 2006 at 8:04 pm

The Scouting category continues to bring well over a million dollars worth of sales every 90 days. The total for the previous three months is $1,709.699 for auction and store listings sold. The bulk of this was auction listings with the store items only totaling up $94,597 on an average sales price of $8.37.

As a category auction listings sold at a success rate of 51%. There were 86,047 items sold as auctions with another 11,302 store listings.

Top Ten List in $

Scout Jamboree 1947 Badge ZODIAQUE Mondial de la paix


Boy Scout 2,000 patch Kahuna CSP hoard
Offered below dealer wholesale!
World Jamboree 1937 Police armlet Safety & Traffic



~~~310 Different Red White Council Strips RWS X 310~~~

1ww scout gallantry bronze cross [scouts vc] & locket

Boy Scout Uniform + Misc. Memorabilia, 1920’s


By jason on May 12th, 2006 at 6:54 pm

It is remarkable that even with the big NOAC and all the patches that made it on eBay afterwards that the category as a whole is pretty consistent. I’ve reported that there is reliably a little over $1 Million dollars worth of memorabilia sold in Boy Scouts every 90 days and this is once again true for July-September. Here are some statistics for you.

Auction Styles
Completed 153,140
Sold 77,339
Average Sales Price $18.73
Successfull Auction rate 50.1%
Total Auction Sales $1,448,559.47

Store Inventory Listings
Completed 44,309
Sold 9,583
Average Sales Price $7.73
Total Sales $74,092.05

Total for All Memorabilia Sold from July – September

It does apear the the 1.5 Million figure is higher than some of the previous reporting periods on the site. Another interesting figure is the large number of store listings that were completed without being actually “sold”. This shows the effect of the changes eBay implemented to drive items out of stores and into live auction/fixed price listings. Several of the larger eBay stores in our category shed inventory rather than pay double-triple the fees under the old system.

By jason on September 29th, 2006 at 4:32 pm

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