Wow! 530-Mox-Kar-Po Lodge Boy Scout Patch P1 Cut Edge




Ask yourself, do you have a 530 in your number collection? Probably not – it’s one of the top OA numbers. Well, consider the top issue from this killer number. Let me be more precise… consider the best pie shape neckerchief patch issued anywhere in the nation – bar none. The cut edge Mox Kar-Po P1 is legendary as only five examples have been located. Look at your reference material… this 1957 era badge wasn’t discovered until the mid 1980’s and didn’t appear in Arapaho until the early 1990 printings. The P1 is one of those items that shows up once every generation. Here is your one chance to get it. Let me put things into perspective. In my 25 years of collecting OA, I have seen more 285 F1’s and 392 S1’s – and the first flap book ranks them as perfect 10’s. They are common compared to the 530 P1! Get it now before Seattle’s rich Microsoft engineers nab it.


Mox Kar-Po 530 was formed in 1957 when Washington’s Olympic Peninsula split from Chief Seattle Council. The area is sparsely populated with most residents working in the Bremerton shipyards, surviving in one of the small fishing villages, or lost in some forestry camp. By 1975, all the jobs were gone and the lodge merged back into T’kope Kwis Kwis 502. All issues from 530 disappeared with the mass exodus from the peninsula.


Condition: the patch is sewn to a white neckerchief and was washed. However, each P1 came from the factory stitched to the n/c material, so there is no such thing as a perfect specimen. The photograph provides an accurate representation of identification and condition.


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By jason on January 4th, 2008 at 4:20 am

The shipyard is going strong,
I assure you there was no mass exodus.
I was adviser to WWW 530 for a few years (early 70’s).
I have two pocket patches and two neckerchiefs.
One set worn and one in mint condition. We did not allow
our patch to be traded, but had no way to enforce that policy.

I don’t understand the term P1,can you explain?

By Mike Luppino on December 17th, 2015 at 12:03 am

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