Scouting Hot Finds Radio Episode #87: History of Boy Scout Merit Badge Pamphlets With John Smilek

John Smilek says this will be the year. On the 100th anniversary of the first Boy Scouts of America merit badge pamphlet being published he and other collaborators will publish a full reference guide for collecting this niche in the hobby. The guide will include thousands of pictures and a complete explanation of the different types and sub-types issued through the years. In this interview John explains the history of these utilitarian books including the answer to a good trivia question. For what merit badge was the first ever pamphlet published in 1919? The answer will surprise you.

Listen to “#87 History of Boy Scout Merit Badge Pamphlets With John Smilek” on Spreaker.

Most of the interview was also recorded on a video. In the video you can see John hold up copies of the books as he explains the differences. The video does not include about 5-10 minutes of questions that I asked him at the end. That material is only on the audio podcast.




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