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This is new news to me, even though the BSA signed a Memorandum of Mutual Support with the American Heritage Girls in 2009. They seem to be the evangelical Christian competition to the Girl Scouts/USA. Here is the FAQ.


The AHQ members can attend BSA camps and trainings, including Wood Badge! They were also represented at the 2010 National Jamboree, which I didn’t know about.


On the patch front, their highest award is the Stars & Stripes Award



Each level also has its own award, plus miscellaneous activity badges and sports pins.

Patriot (grades 9-12) – Dolley Madison Award

Pioneer (grades 7-8) – Harriet Tubman Award

Explorer (grades 4-6) – Lewis & Clark Award

Tenderheart (grades 1-3) – Sacagawea Award

Pathfinders (kindergarten) – Eliza Shirley Award


There is apparently one troop located within my council area (Pacific Skyline Council), but I’m not aware of us reaching out to them. Has anyone else heard of American Heritage Girls?




There are a numer of them here in KY, mostly to counteract the social victimology of the local council as well as Catholic Churches who want to incorporate the Duty to God aspects in their programs. The National Catholic Committee has encouraged units to use their Rosary Patch Activities as well as the Footsteps of the American Saints activity program for their young women . The council here has been quite open to sharing and training as needed. They also encourage Venturing participation in the most senior groups. They participatre in our Scout Sunday program as well as the diocean Scout retreats. There are some Protestant units but i have had little contact with them, but understand they are at faith based organizations.

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