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I know some of you are aware that there is a unique council merger situation going on in Michigan. I frequently get great tidbits from Bruce McCrea and this one is something that I think many of you will want to know about. I’d love to see some gossipy comments about is this the future for more councils/areas?


You might be interested to know that, as a result of the Area Project merger, the 2012 NOAC will be the last NOAC for the host lodge and 7 neighboring lodges. By the next NOAC, those 8 lodges will be merged into 3 lodges.


As you know, each BSA council is a legal entity while BSA Areas are simply subdivisions of regions and have no legal standing. The idea of the Area Project was to make the entire Central Region Area 2 the legal entity, moving responsibilities like fund raising and camp operation and management to the area level. The eleven Area 2 councils voted on the final proposal. Erie Shores Council (Toledo) opted out and joined Area 5 and Hiawathaland Council (upper peninsula) voted to merge with a Wisconsin council. This left the nine lower peninsula councils as part of the newly named Greater Michigan Council. It will be subdivided into four “Field Service Councils:” Great Lakes Council = Great Lakes Field Service Council (no name change) Gerald R. Ford Council + Scenic Trails Council = President Gerald R. Ford Field Service Council Great Sauk Trail Council + Southwest Michigan Council = unnamed Field Service Council


Blue Water Council + Chief Okemos Council + Lake Huron Area Council + Tall Pine Council = unnamed Field Service Council


Each Field Service Council will have an OA lodge, so 8 lodges will be merged into 3. Council shoulder patches will show the name of the Field Service Council, not the Greater Michigan Council. It will take small letters to fit President Gerald R. Ford Council on a CSP.



This is a link to a map that shows you the new alignment.

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