A BigJim Award for n***n

I would like to give a BigJim Award to n***n for not only bidding $60 for a Yaqui (138) card and then placing a higher bid “Just In Case”. Yaqui is the first name of Ta Tsu Hwa (138) of which I am a member. I know of none of the Brothers who would purchase the card at that price. With a little looking around Tulsa I think the card could be had for a reasonable price.

Why didn’t I think to sell one at that price???????????

It looks like n***n has lots of money, I wish he would give me some.


PS I almost forgot

I have a Mahoning (396) card. Many less were issued than for Yaqui. How much do you think n***n will give for it? Make me an offer I CAN’T refuse.


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