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I’m an Eagle Scout currently living in Waukesha, Wisconsin. I grew up in Scouting and currently serve as a Crew Advisor and a member of a couple of Camp Support Committees for Glacier’s Edge Council. I’m a Vigil member of the OA, was a two term Lodge Chief, spent four summers on Camp Staff at Ed Bryant Scout Reservation, and have been collecting since I went to the 1996 NOAC / 1997 National Jamboree.


In real life I am a Social Worker dealing with Juvenile Offenders who are on Court ordered supervision. I’m in the National Guard and have spent some time in Afghanistan. In my free time I enjoy biking, camping, kayaking, movies, and just being outdoors. I plan on running the Las Vegas Half Marathon in December with two good friends and former roommates. I have a small Web Development/Publishing company I run in my spare time, that I would like to spend more time developing. Think that is about it.


My Main Collection Focuses:

1) Four Lakes Council Shoulder Patches- My collection if getting close to being complete, I just have a few issues I still need: RWHS, KRHS, 1989 NJ Staff JSP (unofficial), 1993 NJ Staff JSP (unofficial), and the 85th anniversary NJ GMY Border set.


2) Glacier’s Edge Council Shoulder Patches – I am missing one piece, and that is the 2006 20th anniversary Baraboo Circus Heritage CSP.


3) Camp Castle Rock / Ed Bryant Scout Reservation Memorabilia – I need to sit down and organize this one, so I know what I have and what I need to look for.


Other smaller collection focuses:


1) Wisconsin Council CSPs
2) Eagle Scout CSPs
3) Tichora Lodge – I’m not looking to buy the outrageously expensive pieces.
4) Takoda Lodge – If I run across them, I’m not active with the new lodge so I missed out on a few, plus I was deployed when they released the first hard to collect piece.
5) Military Themed CSPs and Flaps


Any questions about any of my collection focuses just let me know, I like to share information when possible.






Dan is one of the newer members and I want to thank him for posting such a thorough profile. I wish all the members would take time to do that including me! 😀

By jason on February 28th, 2008 at 2:29 am

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