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Saw this on Patch-L and thought I would pass it on. Here is what Chris Jensen had to say, “A good friend, and fellow collector of district patches, Bob Salcido is working on putting all of his large collection of district patches on his website, and is up to the letter “M” (about 600 items pictured). If you are interested in such patches, go take a look at his site at WWW.BSAWOVENIMAGES.COM (and give him some encouragement). If you have not already guessed, he also collects BSA woven patches, and has put these on the site also (a little less than 700 different BSA woven patches pictured). Be patient with Bob, he is not some high techie web designer, just a fellow ‘old fart’ collector like me….. with a passion for his little niche collections of scout stuff…… and his site is a little jewel of information that is getting better every week.”




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