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I am looking for Merit Badges from an undocumented series of Merit Badges, which was issued in the middle 1940s. They are an Olive color, which is not as green as the Khaki Merit Badges of the late 1040s and 1950s or as tan as the pre World War II Tan Patches. They have a different texture due to a different Twill Weave than the other two. They are NOT the Sand Twill (tan fine twill) issued during World War II. Some collectors have told me “they just don’t look right” when compared with the other two in Mint state.


I also collect Rank, Boy Position, Webelos (to days Arrow of Light), and Community Strip patches embroidered on this same Twill material. If you have any Olive Twill Merit Badges or patches to trade or sell I am interested.


Attached is a scan showing the Olive Twill between the other two patches. Note the color difference is greater than the scan shows


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The olive is pretty hard to distinguish, even when looking at the twill weave. I imagine it would pose even more of a problem after being washed. Are there any other telltale characteristics?

By ISCA87L on February 16th, 2009 at 6:46 am

These patches are very loosly woven and heavily starched on the back when manufactured. After a couple of washing they tend to fray to the point that they are uncollectable. I imagine that their duribility was one reason that they lasted only a short period of time. From what I have seen of used patches of this series they would be considered uncollectable. In fact there are very few used patches patches to be found. Attaches is a picture of a used star patch and a Woodworking merit badge. Most dealers would thow these patches away. I have never seen a collecrable used patch only mint.

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By BigJim on February 16th, 2009 at 2:34 pm

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