PA Collection is a Scouting Time Capsule from the 1950s

This Boy Scout collection is a real time capsule. The Scouter that it came from was very active in PA especially the town of Pottsdown in the 1950s. He worked on camp staff for several years at Camp Delmont including serving as the 1959 Chaplain before embarking on a long career in ministry. Although I’ve pulled a few things from the collection this unboxing video shows many of the unique things that he held on to (and he held on to everything!). One of the coolest pieces that is going in my collection is a Lodge 33 flap that is considered the true “first flap” of them all. But perhaps the funnest thing I pull out are souvenir items from the 1950 Boy Scout jamboree that are just way too cool. My plans are to offer these things up on eBay so that those that would appreciate them the best can have the opportunity to purchase them for their collection.




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