Patch traders feeling the hate


Late last year I received a notice about a district camporee in my council where they were touting a special 100th Anniversary design that somehow matched up with the camporee patch from 2009. I’m not in the district and was going to be at an OA function anyway, so I shot an e-mail to the camporee organizer and asked if I could get one of the patches since it was a 100th Anniversary design.


I got back an unusually harsh e-mail stating that the camporee patches were only for those who actually attended the camporee, they were restricted further to one per person, and the remaining were going to be destroyed at the campfire on Saturday. Later on I heard that he announced to the crowd that “big time” patch traders were trying to get the coveted camporee patch and so they should never trade or sell it since it will become quite rare and will be a souvenir of their participation in this historic camporee.


OK, so since when have camporee patches taken on the mystique of exclusive Chicago OA lodge patches? Why are district Scouters feeling so smug that they have a patch that I’ll never get? I’ve been branded a patch trader (rightly so), but that comes with so much baggage that overrides my activity in the council as an Executive Board member, International Representative, OA lodge member, NESA member, and FOS participant. What gives?




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