Sunday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter February 1, 2015


Over the last ten days I’ve taken the Brad England approach and engaged the collectors over in the Facebook Group to make some deals. For someone who has sold on eBay since 1998 it’s a much more personal experience when you are messaging back and forth with someone to come to a deal. I’ve enjoyed making some new friends and helping folks find some things for their collection.

Yesterday I finally finished mounting my square merit badge collection and finalizing my needs list. I’m a bit of a checklist collector so I had to type up my own list by merging together what Fred Duersch and Chris Jensen wrote. I also really like having labels so got everything all sorted out so I can visually see what I have and need. I’m going to make a blog post out of that so stay tuned for details. Spoiler alert! The 1927 weather merit badge below is on my needs list. 🙂

I have just about decided how I’m going to arrange my weak attempt at a name/number flap collection. I want to similarly mount them with labels but the problem is every year there are mergers and the lodge numbers are getting scrambled (or ignored!). So I think I’ve come up with an idea that will allow me to mount them and still account for new mergers. Again this is a topic for an upcoming blog post.

Since for me 2015 is the year I break with my 25 years as an OA only collector I thought I’d use the pages of the Hot Finds to sometimes look for needs. If anybody has this patch with a blue background please send me an email. As you can see I have one already but it’s in with my Senior Scout Outfit collection and I need the same patch for my Explorers collection.

I’ve learned a lot since creating this website – things that I wish I knew at the beginning. One of the issues that has crept up is some of the images appearing for the wrong item which all goes back to how I created the folders and managed file names. It looks like to cleanse the site of these issues I’ll have to take it off-line and do a clean edit on the image folders. This might take a few weeks and I’m still talking to my web person about the best strategy to clean things up. In the mean time the store is open!

For the lost block in today’s episode I have a link back to my interview with Glenn Chase the owner of The Scout Patch Collectors Base Camp at This was a great show from back in April, 2014.





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