Sunday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter February 19, 2017

Well here is my big announcement for this issue of the Hot Finds. In the next 10 days I’ll be pulling up stakes on my antique mall booths along the I-95 corridor and bringing everything to Charlotte. My goal was to have all this taken care of in time to promote the new location at the Charlotte TOR and it looks like that’s all going to work out. In Charlotte the marquee antique mall is the Sleepy Poet on South Blvd. and that’s where I’ll be set up. I won’t say I’m excited because it’s going to be a ton of work to move everything and set it back up but it’s the right decision to get it 20 minutes from my house instead of 2.5 hours away.

For a while I was really hedging my bets on whether to keep this strategy going at all – what I jokingly call my “brick and mortar” location. The two booths have mostly broken even but it’s not been a slam dunk. But last week it kinda dawned on me when I got a call from the Sleepy Poet letting me know that they had a booth space saved for me. What I really need to think of this booth as is my liquidation center. Instead of pricing things at “antique mall prices” and you know what that means. I need to price things at 1/2 of that and get rid of some inventory.

I have so many uniform parts, books, camping gear and all the 3-dimensional Scouting things that are tough to ship (think mugs!). What I’ll do in my new booth is try and blow it out versus sitting on everything by selling it for what I think it should go for. I have so many patches in boxes here in the office that I’m never going to get around to listing all those other items on the Internet so it’s time to price them to go!

I have decided to just list for auction everything from the PA collection that I posted on Facebook at the end of the week. You wouldn’t believe the message traffic I was getting so it kinda spooked me that I ought to just put it up and let things ride. So assuming that my wife let’s me work the computer late tonight I’ll have everything launched for a 7-day run. But I’ve still got lots of stuff ending soon including many of the items included below.





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