Tuesday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter February 2, 2016


Oh I love estate sale finds. Now me personally I never go to estate sales (who has time with 2 kids?) but I love when they bring stuff out of the attic onto eBay. Check out the frame below that belongs to a late 40’s early 50’s Eagle Scout and Silver Award recipient from Florida. When you click inside you will also see his impressive merit badge sash that is part of the lot.

To collect the new stuff or not collect the new stuff…tis the question. Lately more than 1/2 of my OA block has been filled with patches fresh off the sewing room floor. I pick listings based on bids so there is a lot of interest in the flood of newer issues even if some older guys are turning up their nose at these modern rarities.

The 1975 World Jamboree Subcamp neckerchiefs are one of the more interesting segments of WJ collecting. I’ve been told there are maybe a dozen (or more) different ones issued and I don’t think I’ve ever seen one sell for less than $100. The one below is doing much better than that which shows you there is continued interest in people finishing their collections on these.

Every week I’m trying to add a new folder or offer in my Facebook Store. This week it’s a trade offer! I went through my stuff and determined that even though I love hoarding patches from my home lodge Santee 116…I need to shake loose of some dupes. So I’m offering 1 dozen activity patches from Santee 116 in trade for 1 dozen activity patches from your home lodge. Send me a picture of what you want to trade and we can strike up a deal.

Visit www.ScoutPatchHQ.com my Facebook Store

There is still time to get 50% off on all my CSPs for sale in my eBay store. This sale means you can snap up CSPs for less than $2 on eBay which is pretty unheard of considering the fees. Visit Patchblanket.com to see what I’ve got marked down.





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