Tuesday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter January 02, 2018

It only took me two decades but I finally got a Seminole jacket of my own. I’d always seen them at TORs in the south and thought they were super cool. But not until last year when I bought a collection did I finally get one. I haven’t worn it yet but maybe that will change as soon as I get some snaps on the cuffs. The one listed below looks pretty good too.

I know I’ve been talking about it for months but truly this week I hope to publish the new memorabilia book for my home lodge. Nathan Kohler has been doing the heavy lifting for this rewrite and he sent me the final copy the other night. I’m going to play with some formatting and it will be ready to roll. We are going to follow the lead of other lodges and share it for free as a downloadable PDF.

Hopefully the trend will continue of people putting out information to share for free. The other thing we’ve tried to do with this book is make it more collector friendly as a checklist book with images. However, I am going to make an editorial decision that some might not agree with. While we document the fakes and prototypes in the book I’m not putting those on the checklist. I just feel like nobody should lament not having a 1 off prototype in consideration of having a complete collection.

I went a little crazy cleaning out my store before the end of 2017 and put hundreds of activity patches on sale at .10 cents each. You can check them out and see what you can get for likely less than they would cost in a junk box at a TOR.




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