Boy Scout Council Shoulder Patch CSP Collection Unboxing – 1 Need Left After This

On my website you can follow my journey as a Boy Scout collector and dealer. Through my Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter I document my transition from a middle school social studies teacher to a full time hobbyist. So every once in awhile I am able to really move the needle on my collection. This video documents the unboxing of a purchase I made which put me just 1 need away from having a complete BSA council shoulder patch collection. Saying you have a “complete” collection depends on how you define your goals. I have always believed that collectors should be able to set goals and decide what their collection focus should be. For me this version of “complete” is one CSP from every Boy Scout council that ever issued a CSP as defined by the collective authors of the reference book “An Aid To Collecting Council Shoulder Insignia”. The CSI Guide is the go to book for this niche of the hobby. So to poke holes in my own definition of complete I am not including any patches we would call shoulder strips that are Red & White half strips or odd shape council patches. So I’m calling this a classic CSP collection. If you enjoy learning about Scouting memorabilia please click the “like” button and consider subscribing to my YouTube channel.


very cool i also collect csp’s I have a number and sort of a similar collection of one from most councils. Wish I had a bronx valley to offer. Sometime I’d lik to pick your brain some on them. Mostly on the buttes spelling error, Do you know if that one was a possible jsp or something esle? I have never seen one and for want ever crazy reason its one of my needs. My collection is sort of one per council but also looking for 1st cep’s.

By Peter Koons on March 7th, 2022 at 12:12 pm


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