Unboxing 1935 National Jamboree Boy Scout Collection From Texas

I filmed this unboxing to let collectors see some of the content that I have been making exclusively for my Patreon supporters inside the Scouting Hot Finds Insiders group. This group was created to allow supporters to help me hire an audio and video editor to put our more frequent and better quality content such as videos and my audio podcast. Bi-weekly I publish an exclusive unboxing as one of the perks of membership in the group. But this collection had a such a good story that I decided instead to make it a public video so that everyone could see what’s going on in the Patreon group. By joining you will gain access to all of this content according to the subscription level that you sign up for.

Membership in the Insiders starts at $2/month with all the information available at www.scoutinghotfinds.com. I sincerely appreciate all the collectors that have joined the group. I look forward to finding new ways to serve you going forward.


Jason, what a great score. Loved the story behind how is was stored for all these years and how it came to you. You make a great point about the value of the paperwork supplementing the patches, decals and merit badge sash. It seems to be happening more and more that collectors, almost all of whom start out collecting the patches and neckerchiefs, become increasingly curious about the documentation and “provenance” that supports the historical context of those things they collect. It happened to me too.
Keep up the great work and see you and all your patrons, customers and friends at the 2nd National Scouting Historian Summit in 2023!
Jeff Morley

By Jeff Morley on March 11th, 2022 at 2:08 pm


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