Tuesday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter March 01, 2022



Today I’m releasing my latest unboxing video on my website. This one was fun as I had no idea what was coming. The collection was from New York and included about 20 pounds of stuff including patches, neckerchiefs and more. You can see it here on ScoutPatchCollectors.com.


I filmed this video a few months back so I apologize if you see something in there that you want. I won’t be able to pull it out of the box. My video editor took a break adjusting to his freshman year in college and this is the first polished video he has gotten me so far in this school year.


My next Scouting event is my lodge Spring Fellowship in a couple of weeks. What I’ve seen is that a couple of really active adults in my lodge (thanks Jake and William) are getting younger Arrowmen interested in patch trading and learning about our memorabilia. So I’m hoping that Saturday night there will be time to pull out some patches and do some old fashioned trading.


I have 229 live auctions on eBay including lots of neckerchiefs from all over. One of the goals has been to get all of my inventory listed. This has meant not just the usual OA flaps but shoulder patches, event issues and everything in between. I’m trying to put the more interesting items up for bids.


As I put the finishing touches on this newsletter I’m sitting in a deli waiting for my daughter to finish her ACT prep class. She is going to take the big test the day after my birthday this Spring. She is technically a Senior but she is in a 5-year early college program so she has a “super senior” year ahead of her in 2022-23. The college credits she is earning don’t necessarily get her to the front line of getting accepted into a University so she has to jump through the same hoops as everyone. So in about 4 weeks she is taking the ACT and later SAT to get all the scores in for applications this fall.




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