Sunday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter February 27, 2022



I got home around 9 PM last night from the VA Beach TOR. I had to make a stop to look at a collection on the way home that threw me off a few hours. It wasn’t a great collection and it’s not available yet but it never hurts to go see what someone has.


I thoroughly enjoyed myself at the VA Beach TOR. The room was filled with familiar faces including some people who I last saw at my Charlotte TOR back in September. For me the show was also a success because I brought some nice Virginia OA which found new homes. One of the local Scouts BSA troops served concessions and the Masons next door allowed us to eat a great breakfast in their hall Saturday morning.


I almost made it out of the TOR without spending any money. But Mike Scott sold me a small bag of patches for $10. Like all TORs I really enjoyed the chance to talk to people and catch up a little bit. I also got to meet some young collectors that seemed enthusiastic about the hobby which is always great to see.


I have 226 live auctions on eBay including some Texas OA that is turning into a small bidding war. This run featured a lot of neckerchiefs and jacket patches. Monday I will need to get back on building my listing calendar so that I can keep it scheduled out for the whole month of March.


Before going to summer camp in about three months I am going to try and record some podcast episodes. I’ve got a few people that I’ve reached out to. If you have any ideas for people I should interview or topics please shoot me an email!




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