Friday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter March 13, 2020

By all activities they include Scout meetings held at the church and sadly that includes the upcoming Charlotte Trade-O-Ree in two weeks. I spoke with the Cubmaster last night on the phone and we have decided to postpone the event until after the summer. I cant give you a date yet because we have to get back on the church calendar but we will work on that today.

For table renters we will take care of everyone. As soon as we know the new date we will give you the option of rolling over your reservation to the new date or getting a refund. Maybe getting away from the Easter holiday for an event being held at a large church is a blessing in disguise. If the new date works well we might just stick to that going forward!

I can just blame this on bad timing. There was a wave that swept in the last two days with everything from professional sports teams nationally to all high school athletics in North Carolina being cancelled. Our area private schools are on Spring Break next week so we will see what the public schools decide to do.

When I talked to Chris Jensen yesterday about the situation he suggested that with everybody being cooped up inside maybe there will be some interest in trading online. Certainly we have the Scout Patch Collectors Facebook Group to make that happen.

I feel like somebody cancelled my wedding to be honest. I had poured so much into making the 4th year of the TOR the best one yet. But I’ve already spoken to my contact at the BSA Supply Group and she believes it’s not going to be an issue to push back. I am sure we can get a new date from the church soon enough. Hopefully all the hysteria will pass soon and life can get back to normal. 🙂



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