Thought I would take the time and post some information about myself since I am one of the “guilty ones” that actively read this site but fail to contribute .


Quick background: Joined Atta Kulla Kulla (AKK) Lodge 185 in 85′ and was active until I joined the military in the mid 90s. Since then I have not had the opportunity to remain active in scouting, but have continued to collect patches over the years and am an avid Ebayer.


I still collect AKK 185 items. My need list is one not so easy item, the 185X1 “AKK black triangle” and like many my dream would be to find it for sale on ebay in an obscure listing with an affordable price.


I have not traded in over 10 years, just built up items off eBay and from my travels. I have an assortment of OA items that I have picked up along the way with being in the military and will be glad to trade 1:1 if I happen to have something that fills another’s needlist.


I’ll end this with saying that I really enjoy this site, thanks Jason and Jeff for your continued input!


Every year towards the end of April, I cannot help but get ‘homesick’, especially on the Saturday night of the Dixie weekend. I appreciate the Dixie and SC OA collectors that contribute, gives me insight to what is current. Please keep contributing!






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