Sunday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter March 29, 2020

First up this is a great opportunity to organize your collections. Scott Wheeler in Michigan has been doing just that and sharing posts online of his progress. Maybe you have a niche collection where everything is thrown in a ziplock bag. Scott’s theory is get it out, create a checklist and share that to see if others can help out with filling holes or adding things to the list.

This is the perfect time to discover a new podcast to listen to. Whether that be the 88 episodes of Scouting Hot Finds Radio that I have published or one related to another topic you are passionate about. A podcast is a topical recorded “radio show” and any smart phone has a podcast app that will allow you to search millions of episodes which are all posted free of charge.

The best resource for checklists to organize your collection is ISCA. Their website has a handy section with lists on major topics which might fit right into one of your projects. Sadly the most important site in the hobby that they purchased last year has crashed (I predicted this would happen). So organizing your OA collection is handicapped but if your lodge is on that is excellent resource.

This is a perfect time for you to share your knowledge. Many of you are experts in one particular area whether it be your home camp, council, lodge or other narrow topic. Scan your collection, write up the old stories that tell why that strange patch was issued, share this online or build a website using one of the free hosting options. Years ago I tried this with Who doesn’t have time now to write up a little post about all of last years new issues?

I am running sales in virtually all of my stores now that I have everything on the shelf and under one roof. You can visit my stores for Santeeswapper, OApatch, Patchsniper, and the 5dollarpatchstore to see these big sales. So far I have seen a big jump in folks ordering at too as they tackle getting everything under plastic and looking good in a binder.



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