Sunday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter March 8, 2015

The book was laying out the program for boys aged 15+ and it described a complete family of Scouting that would include seamlessly Cub Scout Pack, Boy Scout Troop and now a Senior Scout patrol or Explorer Post. Recently at my church I was asked to serve on the Christian Education Committee and be in charge of reporting back on the Scouting program at our church. It occurred to me that we have a Scouting Family at the church but it’s even broader than what the 1942 book proposed.

For my report I contacted the leaders of all the Scouting units and from Cub Scout dens to Daisy Scouts and compiled a report on the overall health of the program. All told we have 135 registered kids in the Scouting “family” at our church with the biggest group being in the Boy Scout troop that has 43 boys. My push in the last few years has been building up the Girl Scout branch of the family and that’s looking better and better.


I mention this today because we are celebrating Girl Scout Sunday at the 11 AM worship service. We will have girls leading various aspects of the program including my daughter Sophia who will be reading the announcements. I feel blessed to be part of a congregation that supports the Scouting program to such an incredible degree.

Now for one patch related request. I’ve done really well picking up needs when I single out one patch that I’m looking for to put in my collection. An envelope that came this week (thanks Kevin!) brought me an Explorer Scout Assistant Adviser patch. So this week I’m asking that if anyone has this 1950’s Explorer Adviser patch on dark blue background that you send me an email. I’d love to fill the hole in my notebook for this issue!




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