Friday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter April 05, 2019

Thursday night we got the fellowship hall set up with the 100 tables for the event. With this being a pack sponsored fundraiser we had a team of adult volunteers that made light work. This morning I will soon be back at it getting my tables set up and welcoming the table vendors who will start rolling in after lunch.

Charles Galloway my old friend from Camp Coker and Santee Lodge is going to be running the silent auction. I actually recruited my mother to be the cashier for the silent auction and my wife is going to help for several hours tonight during the crunch time. Sophia my daughter is taking Collections Merit Badge – so it’s a team effort!

The rest of the team for the TOR is the volunteers from the Cub Pack and Scouts BSA troop that are helping run the show. We have Cub folks at the welcome table greeting people. The girl troop is running the concessions. Our Collections merit badge counselor Stuart Tucker is also part of that team. We are not at the level of the Indy TOR but we do have a group of volunteers making it happen.

I’ve got 206 live auctions on eBay finishing out the long run of new CSPs that I’m putting in my store. After the TOR is over I will have some time to really dedicate to making a final push before the summer.

I will try and get someone to take pictures at the TOR tonight and put them in the Sunday newsletter. I will be way too busy to really remember to do that but perhaps some of the folks helping out can do it.



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