Friday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter April 12, 2019

The NC Cardinal Conclave will have upwards of 1200+ arrowmen attending this weekend from just 6 lodges. One of the really unique ways they get this kind of participation is by having an online registration. Instead of going through each individual lodge with arbitrary cut-off dates they have allowed people to sign up as recently as last week. Sure the late comers don’t get the t-shirt or whatever but it allows them to really get every last available participant registered.

How good is the patch trading at the largest conclave in the country? Very good…sometimes! Ironically sometimes the section or the host lodge treat patch trading as an afterthought. In recent years it’s even been left off the schedule and not even given a designated shelter. However, I’m told that this year the host lodge Occoneechee 104 is going to make sure the patch trading will be well supported.

The Dixie Fellowship (SR5) is not quite as big as the Cardinal Conclave but is much more friendly to patch trading. Friday and all day Saturday you can find people trading patches under the dining tent. Everybody packs up during meals but otherwise it’s a weekend long swap-o-ree for the thread heads. Sadly I’ll be missing the Dixie for the 2nd time in 3 years as my Cub Pack is going camping that weekend.

I believe there is a conclave in VA this weekend (SR7A) and the one for GA was last weekend (SR9). I don’t know anybody that tries to attend them all but that would be an admirable goal if you could pull it off and be welcomed as a visitor.

I’ve updated the TOR calendar with 11 new event fliers stretching all the way into 2020. It’s great to see so many shows happening around the country. Now we just need to help make them successful by promoting them!



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