Jury awards former Boy Scout Kerry Lewis $18.5 million in punitive damages


What do you think about this verdict? $18.5M in punitive damages and $1.4M in compensatory damages. The jury found the BSA 60% negligent, Cascade Pacific Council 15% negligent and the LDS Church 25% negligent. And there are still five more plaintiff suits pending in the same case.


Is it too much? Did the BSA have it coming to them? Out of control jury? Open season on the Scouts? While I think it’s messed up what happened to those guys, I can’t help but wonder how this molester could have continued on in Scouts with all the youth protection policies. Maybe they weren’t followed and that’s why the BSA is paying big time? It’s definitely going to be a challenge convincing people to give to our council endowment fund when they see the BSA shelling out large settlements like this.


Read about it HERE.

Video of Lewis and attorneys HERE.






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