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For the Dixie guys I thought I’d give you an update on the recent flap happenings in the land of the extinct parakeets also known as Santee 116.


Our 2006 NOAC flap (200 made) were sold at 2007 Winter Banquet (for the first time) and sold out at the 2007 Spring Fellowship. At the banquet they were limited to 3 per and at the Spring to 1 per with a few lucky people at the end of the line at midnight getting an extra couple. These will be very very tough to get. Some of the guys who typically send stuff out of lodge were not there and there are not many active patch traders in the lodge.


The F3 trader flap sold out at the spring fellowship and there are none left in the council office. Although nothing official has been done the word on the street is that they will not be reordered. They have been on the scene since the Fall of 2001 and there have been a couple of reorders so don’t look for this patch to become rare for a long long time.


The lodge still does not have a Vigil flap to compliment the ordeal and brotherhood flap that came out at last year. The new flaps were designated S21 and S22. With the NOAC flap taking S23 and the Dixie flap likely being S24 (if its not twill) the Vigil flap may make an appearance and look way out of order as a Blue Book listing. There is a long story about why the flap hasn’t shown up but suffice to say now the brothers have gone three fellowships without the opportunity to purchase one.


The 2007 Dixie flap is coming out in a few weeks (assuming they were ordered…which you never know for sure around my lodge). It features Santee’s spirit them. I don’t know how many were made because preorders were taken on this.


So there you have it….just in case you actually care that is the latest on 116 issues.




I got this from an inside source, the Dixie flaps arrived and have been passed on to someone in the lodge, not sure who. I caught a brief glimpse of one and there did not appear to be any pastel or neon colors.

By collectorofpatches on April 20th, 2007 at 1:26 am

Probably the last 10 years worth of Santee flaps are being offered up on eBay this week by one of the former lodge advisers. His eBay name is Deaton116. Some of these have not been offered but a few times and I am really curious to see what they go for.

By jason on February 28th, 2008 at 2:27 am

Yes, it will be interesting since these items are not protected by the usual reserves we see on Santee stuff. I am also curious to see if other 116 guys step in and bid on these things to protect their percieved value. It would be real exciting if some older 116 items were done the same way instead of more recent stuff or the modern rarities we see from some SC lodges.
Ultimately, we may not know where many tougher oa items belong pricewise in this economy until another big SE region collection is sold off.
It might be an unpleasant thread to start, but I would be curious to see what issues people think are holding their value and which are sliding either nationally or in the south.
www, Charles

By marlo67 on February 29th, 2008 at 3:09 am

I’ll Be Brave And Follow Up Your Thread Charles.

Dixie Prices Have Plumetted In The Past 3 Years..only The First Two Issues Are Holding Steady Value In My Opinion…the Others Are Dropping To What I Consider A Fair Price.
Many Of The Dixie Items Have Been Fetching Top Dollar Due To New Collectors Trying To Pick Up Needs They Haven’t Had The Opportiunity To Pick Up In Years. The Other Driving Force Is “gottahaveitnowitis” When A CoLlector Finally Says To Himself I Am Tired Of Chasing This Bear And Nails Him To The Auctioning Block To Add To His Collection To Finish Said Set.

Key Southern Issues Are Going To Be Tough To Obtain For Many Years, Thus The Price Staying Firm On Them If Not Appreciating In Value Due To Their Scarceness And Rarity.

The Bobwhite R-1 Has Gone Up
The Santee A-1 Has Held Steady
As Has The 116 F-1 And F-2 Respectfully
The Muscogee F-1 Has Gone Up A Little In Value
The 221 R-1 Has Gone Up And Continues To Remain An Abscure Item To Get
The Akk 185 Triangle And The Noac Neckerchief With The S-1 Sewn To It Are Tough Issues Period! So Surely Their Value Is Appreciating Too
The Tsali 134 F-1 Has Gained Respect Here Recently And Is Demanding A Higher Price These Days

I Could Continue With My Thoughts On These First Issues And Such That They Are Holding Value And Appreciating In Value As A Whole.

I Have To Say I Agree With Your Logic That We May Never Know The True Value Of Many Of These Items Without A True No Reserve Auction Every 5 Years Or So To See What The Market Is Actually Demanding.

The Greg Vaught Collection Brought Some Awareness To Some Items But We Know That Some Items Were Overpaid On Too Due To Collectors Filling Holes They Had For Years And Were Willing To Take The Blow On The Chin To Obtain Them.


By mopar73mopar on February 29th, 2008 at 3:38 am

I don’t know the designations, but I have a black Brotherhood patch, with the flag from ’84? I will never sell it. Curious abt the value. I may give it to someone that could be Brotherhood. WWW

By Philip Rembert on May 23rd, 2017 at 12:04 am

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