Scouting Hot Finds Radio: Arapaho History Through Insignia

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If you have been collecting Boy Scout memorabilia for some time then the names Arapahoe and its principal author Albertus Hoogeveen will be familiar names. Today in collecting circles we talk about the Blue Book as the primary reference guide for Order of the Arrow (OA) collectors. However before that it was Araphoe II – A History of the Order of the Arrow Through Insignia published in 1979, that die-hard OA collectors cataloged their collection by. The book was the result of the collaborative efforts of the authors of Arapaho II: Albertus Hoogeveen, Richard H. Breithaupt, Jr. and David C. Leubitz. It was subsequently updated by printed supplements published in 1984 and 1989. By the early 1990’s, Arapaho Software, a partnership between Richard H. Breithaupt, Jr., Albertus Hoogeveen and Douglas E. Beaudoin, moved the hobby into the computer age with Arapaho II On Disk.

My guest tonight on Scouting Hot Finds Radio is none other than Albertus Hoogeveen. We will hear the first person story of how the Arapaho series got started and how it changed the hobby of collecting Boy Scout memorabilia.

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