Sunday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter April 17, 2016


I am fresh home from the SR7B Cardinal Conclave and I have a bit of an epiphany last night as we were trading under the tent. I saw some of my friends that were trying very hard to track down all the patches issued for the weekend. They were somewhat stressed out by getting all the 1 per person patches and were very focused on crossing the finish line by getting them all. I had a completely different outlook that led to me having a very awesome weekend.

Almost 5 years ago I had enough with chasing down 1 per person delegate items at conclaves and threw in the towel on collecting new OA issues. It was because of Bob White Lodge 87 and their policy at the time of making these delegate patches but I could have just as easily said the same thing for several lodges in the Carolinas. Why collect a lodge if you are at the event with a duffel bag full of patches to trade and can’t get the brand new issues?

So instead what I do at conclaves now is trade for the thrill of 1:1 taking something I have extras of and turning into something different. All weekend on my table you couldn’t find any old or valuable stuff. I had kids that came to my table a dozen times swapping out patches as they upgraded or changed their mind on what they wanted and I was happy to churn the inventory on the blanket. When I traded for something I wanted to hold onto it went into a bag. In the end that bag was pretty full and it was a successful weekend.

Did I come home with the Wahissa early bird patch, the Croatan arrowhead, the Nayawin Rar delegate flap? No! But I spent more than 16 hours over the weekend swapping and enjoying the hobby that I love. I’m happy for my friends that did snag those tough ones! You are better than me! But when you don’t have to have those ridiculous patches then it makes the weekend very stress free and you can shake a lot of hands doing 1:1 trading which is what I really enjoy.





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