Sunday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter April 18, 2021


This weekend I’ve published a Top 10 video for the Boy Scout category covering the last three weeks of March. This one picks up where #28 left off. When I made that one I said I was looking for feedback. I got lots of positive comments but the time commitment to create these meant that I needed to finds a happy balance. So I think I’ll either do a bi-weekly or monthly Top 10 moving forward.


I tried to make some improvements after shaking off the rust and doing the first one of these in a decade. The really surprising thing about this list is there is only 1 OA issue that made the cut. Another neat statistic is that all the items sold for over $1k.


Only 2 of the items were BIN and both came from TSPA. So there was plenty of auction action with snipes and bidding wars going on that propelled these items on to the count down. The list includes a Scout axe, a belt buckle, a Merit Badge sash and an 85 year old piece off insignia. But the number 1 item is a camp patch!


I have 211 live auctions on eBay with a whole bunch ending tonight. Also don’t forget to visit the new Shopify Store from Russell Smart that features parts of his OA odd shape collection. There are issues from lodges all over the country included in the store for sale.


Well my son went on his first camping trip this weekend and it was a success. The only thorn he told the troop in the big circle when they got home was that “his dad forgot to pack his tennis shoes for the 1 mile fitness run”. Now in my defense this was not on the packing list. In truth I think he really enjoyed getting a laugh at my expense. But on the trip he made some new friends, slept well in his tent, and got some things signed off in his book. The adventure begins!




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