Sunday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter April 24, 2016


I thought I would give you a patch trading report to give you an idea how things went. The patch trading took place under the dining tent and except for meal times there were blankets spread out on tables the entire weekend. The patch friendly attitude of the folks running the event was evident and several readers have commented to me recently that their own section conclaves are lacking in that department.

We had several dealers who flew in to get in on the action including Gene Cobb and Roger Ward. I also spotted several collectors from other parts of Georgia that are not in the section. There was room for everyone under the tent and the best part is that even the kids who’s entire collection could fit in their pocket had a place to spread out their stuff.

Every lodge made contingent patches and there was at least one surprise staff item. The interesting thing is a few lodges made four different patches for the event including on that did a double two-piece set and another that did a flap and 3 different dangles. The host lodge seemed to be pretty easy to get until Saturday when I spotted a cook team patch that had flown under the radar of all the patch traders.

I had a long talk with Gene Cobb Saturday and was reminded how this hobby is like an extended family. Their are friends, feuds, rivals and brothers all mixed into one small boat. If someone rocks the boat everyone else has an opinion on the matter. However, he and I agreed that we need to do what will help the hobby whether that be supporting TOR organizers, planting seeds with new collectors or supporting councils. It was a good frank discussion and we ended by shaking hands like old friends.





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