Tuesday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter April 16, 2019

I prefer not to go back to the well and interview folks that have been on the show before unless they have something totally new to share. I listen to a lot of podcasts that do that but they usually have a show every week so eventually they have to circle back familiar faces. I know there are some veterans in this hobby and some other folks going cool projects that haven’t had a chance to tell their story.

My goal is to get to episode 100 during 2019 and right now I’m stuck at #87. So the math is I need to line up about a dozen good interviews to put me to the finish line. With the new technology I’m using all it takes is a phone call to make the interview happen. Hopefully you have a land line or a reliable cell phone signal to get the voice recording. Then we just need a show outline (questions, bullet points) to keep the interview on track. Sound easy enough?

The other thing I’ve realized is that I’ve got about 6 weeks before I have to shut down new projects for summer camp. This summer I’ll be spending 5 1/2 weeks at Camp Barstow as the camp director and that’s an all consuming role. It’s also a great chance to step away from the computer and the indoors and just enjoy camp. So this year I’m trying to be a little more cognizant of that and plan for how to ramp things down.

All new auctions are up and running that are first time runs. I’ve got 95 live auctions on eBay right now from a group I got in. Every day I’m launching another dozen or so from this same group that has a diverse range of OA, JSPs and more.

Some of you will appreciate my current predicament. My son is on Spring Break and my wife has declared this is the week that she wants to see all the projects that got pushed aside for Scout trips or the recent trade-o-ree to get done. One of those was helping my son turn a sand box into a raised bed garden (accomplished Monday). However, the list is long so this week I’ve got one foot in the office and other scratching things off her list.



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