Tuesday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter April 7, 2015


I am enjoying some peace and quite to get projects done while my kids are visiting grandparents during Spring Break. Yesterday I churned out 4 videos that I will release over the next month including two really good interviews similar to the one with John Ortt that was published last week.

A good Scouting friend of mine has been after me for years to dig through a big tote full of segments that I have unsorted. I suspect what he is after are some of those Philmont segments including the tough Mountain Man and Staff pieces. I’m sure lots of Philmont collectors are watching the set below which includes both iconic strips.

Keyauwee Lodge is a nice lodge to collect because it only existed for a few years in North Carolina and there aren’t any unbelievably hard issues. The Life Member patch below is probably a $75-$100 patch but we will see where it ends up with this live eBay auction.

When Joe Klos was coaching me up about merit badges he simply referred to the one below as “the nut”. That should tell you that Fruit and Nut Culture is a really toughie for MB collectors to get their hands on.

Today I’m going to be working to get some new stuff launched up on my eBay store at www.Patchblanket.com. Then on Wednesday when I drive down to pick up the kids from grandma I’ll get to work in my antique mall booth for a few hours. Ahhh the life of a patch junkie.

This coming Saturday I’m taking the Girl Scouts on a day-trip to a Folk Arts Festival in Raleigh. Over the last two years I’ve managed to “crash” the bus while attempting to park in Raleigh on two different trips. Please say a prayer for me that history does not repeat itself this weekend!





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