Boy Scout Collection Sorting Ludicrous Speed

I purchase Scouting memorabilia collections from people across the country who are looking to get their items back into the hands of a collector who will appreciate them. On my YouTube channel you can find over 50 unboxings where I really try and tell the story of the Boy Scout memorabilia that I find. In this short video you can find me sorting about 30 such purchases in a time lapse video.  This was 6 hours of work reduced down to less than 1 minute of air time.

Please like the video and subscribe to my YouTube channel to get notified when I post new content. The full almost ten minute version of this video is available in my Patreon Group the Scouting Hot Finds Insiders.  This group of supporters are my “super fans” that get exclusive content every month.  The May 2022 Inside the Warehouse feature is the full version of this video available to folks who pledge at the “Insider” level and above. You can learn more about the benefits of joining at




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