Friday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter May 3, 2019

I doubt it’s a well kept secret that most of the big eBay dealers in our hobby have multiple accounts.  For years I’ve done this myself.  Some guys are very patient and only list items when eBay hands out 100 or 500 free listings at random times during the month.  The most extreme version I think I’ve heard of is a guy having 3 accounts and he would just rotate listing items according to whatever special eBay was running that week.

Is it a silly business plan where instead of just putting all of your available up for sale at all times you would rotate them to save a few bucks?  I don’t think any of us knows how to motivate a buyer to purchase a certain patch. It all seems very random to me when I wake up and discover what sold the night before.  So my strategy has been to list everything and keep it up even it means paying eBay more than $1k per month in fees.

So today I want to share that I’ve embarked on the mission to grow a new account from 0 to 10k items in the next year.  I have yielded to the math that you can save about $300 a month in fees having 2 stores with 10k items rather than a single store with 20k items.  So rather than take my bread and butter store from 14k to 20k+ I’m going to do it the hard way.

So what I’ve done is take the account that I set up to sell Best Hobby Pages on eBay and turned it into an OA themed store.  This store will only sell OA patches and wouldn’t you know it I was able to lock down the perfect user id for that strategy: oapatch.  Just starting out I have less than 100 items listed (plus the BHP) but I’ve got enough unlisted inventory in my warehouse to push it to 10k with time.  That’s kinda scary to think that without buying another collection I have 10,000 OA pieces in boxes sitting on shelves. It just goes to show as a collector I love buying collections but listing it all is another thing all together. 

There is still time to catch a trade-o-ree before the summer slow down gets here.  The TOR calendar below includes many good ones that are worth jumping in car for.



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